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Thunder Ruthven (Dog Trainer & Behaviorist)

   My elders tell many ancient stories about how man’s relationship with the wolf, and its descendant the dog, began and developed. There has always been a special bond between man and dog. Sometimes, however, the lines of communication between dog and man get a little fuzzy, and unwanted behaviors emerge. These behaviors can limit the quality of the relationship between the pet and their human counterparts.

I offer private and group training for dogs and their families. Oftentimes I am called upon to help with dogs that are too hyperactive or aggressive to participate in group situations. My techniques involve helping their human counterparts understand the traits and characteristics of the breed they have and finding a balance between the needs of the breed and what is socially acceptable in their current environment.


   I duplicate pack structure and pass this knowledge on to the family so that they can enjoy a balanced relationship. Family members are integrated into the training from the start in their own environment. Some behaviors are more ingrained in certain dogs, because of trauma or abuse, or because they have been allowed for an extended period of time. These situations may require more care.

Many, if not most, of the dogs I work with come from shelters and rescue agencies. The people who work for these agencies are in many ways angels of mercy for these animals. These places do what they do with limited funding and try very hard to find good homes for these dogs. Most of these dogs adjust very well to their new homes, but for many, a new home with a loving and caring family isn't enough to heal the scars that can not be seen. These are the dogs that I specialize in. Helping them, and their new families to overcome the effects of abuse and neglect that they have endured. My understanding of pack dynamics and canine communication can help them work through the negative behaviors and find balance.

- Thunder Ruthven

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